the weight of the story

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It is as if one saw a screen with scattered colour+patches, and said: they only make sense when one completes them into a shape. – Whereas I want to say: Here is the whole. (If you complete it, you falsify it.)

Ludwig Wittgenstein

The film”The Weight of the Story” is related to the french director Alain Resnais film ”Last year in Marienbad”. It was filmed in several locations and one of the main locations is a castle and park near Munich. When Resnais died in March earlier this year, I decided to make a journey to Munich to walk through the park from Marienbad.

The haunting image from the park in the film has always been an image often quoted in experimental film critiques and managed to give an unease by a static estrangement that you cant put your finger on. The film critic Truls Lie describes the scenes as:

”the film’s uneasy mystery revolves around the fear of the vacuum, barely concealed by the forced repetition of words and pictures.”

The film ”The Weight of the Story” is a documentation  of the performative act of walking through the park and repeating this act again and again, backwards and forewards.  My walking is juxtapositioned with the walking of other passersby and create a mix of rhythms in the film. When walking through the park I tried to remember the scenes from the film and  almost extending the moment of experiencing the film. But whos film am I experiencing? And does the weight of the canon and the important french autors influence?

The greek poet Simonides of Ceos considers to be the founder of mnemonics – the technique of remembering. One can draw the following conclusions from Cisero as described by the historian Frances A. Yates inArt in Memory:

”The most complete pictures are formed in our minds of the things that have been conveyed to them and imprinted on them by the senses, but that of the keenest of all our senses is the sense of sight.”

Eventhough Cicero sites sight as the most important sense for memory, the movement we preceive through sight also triggers our memory.

”The weight of the story” is not only a comment on ”Last year in Marienbad” through revisiting and re-experiencing by being at the actual film location. It is a separate moment filmed that uses elements of the film to become something else.

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