Hallgjerds Hair

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The film is inspired by a story in Njål saga, one of the Icelandic sagas. Gunnar and Hallgjerd are a couple in the saga that are some of the main characters.
They have a stormy relationship characterized by a lot of power struggle.
After a fight, Gunnar gives Hallgjerd an earflick. This she refuses to forget.
So when the day comes when Gunnar is threatened with life.
In a fight with other Vikings, he wants Hallgjerd help.
His bow is twitching and he asks to get some of Hallgjerd's long hair to twist a new bow.
But she refuses to help him since he once gave her an earpiece. From the saga, there are many themes that can be related to the work.
Like revenge, betrayal, power struggle, gender roles, but also fate.
Often, tissue and destiny have been linked together in legend and mythology.
Like Penelope in the Odyssey, for example.
The Icelandic sagas also show how women played a major role in society and how they used their power actively. The video is inspired by this myth and shows strands of hair being twisted between fingers.

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