Finish the Songs you Write

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Performance «Finish the songs you write», 20 min, 2018

Extract of text:

Chapter Four, Isabel Archer muses about her marriage
Six hands on the table, thirty finger touching the surface
The sound of the breaks of a stopping train
BBC 4 gardeners question time
Himalayan balsam, Japanese knotweed, Impaction Victoria
Lobed, White
A train through the flatness of the earth
Poverty, greed, suffering, humiliation

Sylvia Plath writes in her diary: God inbreathes himself in everything. Practise! Be a Chair, be a toothbrush, a jar of coffee from the inside out. Know by feeling in. I would also like to add. Be a donkey and an explosion at the same time.

Documentation photo from performance in the exhibition «New Works Sabine Kuehnle & Rikke Lundgreen», Atelierfrankfurt, 2018

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